Melt Away Gutter Guard

In cold weather climates, roofs, gutters and downspouts can be damaged by extreme conditions caused by heavy snow and ice.

Radiant roof and gutter heating and deicing systems have proven extremely effective in preventing the problems caused by heavy snow and ice that can form on the roofs of buildings. Ice dams can cause roof leaking that leads to water damage, and ice and snow buildup can destroy gutters and downspouts. RoofHeat gutter melt cables can be installed to melt trouble spots on your roof and facilitate proper drainage. Melt snow and ice from your gutters, roof edge or valleys with our Melt Away heated Gutter and Gutter Guard System.

Melt-Away is a heated gutter Guard system that Melt-Away icicles and icedams when used with a standard heated cable.

  • Converts any Valor Gutterguard into a ice melting system
  • Uses both radiant and conductive heating methods
  • Uses any approved heating cable
  • Comes in all Valor colors
  • Simply the best in the business
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